Far-right Exploiting Covid Fears, Targeting Business-owners

Far-right exploiting crime fears in Fingal – January 2021

Trans Solidarity Statement – 12 December 2020

Statement on Balbriggan house fire – 12 August 2020

State neglect of International Protection duties in Skellig Star and all around Ireland during Covid-19.

Fruit picker

Fingal Communities Against Racism Statement on migrant fruit-pickers brought to Ireland by Keelings during Covid-19

About us

Fingal Communities Against Racism (FCAR) represents Fingal residents who value the strength of our diverse communities and our neighbours, friends and colleagues of various nationalities, ethnicities, religious and cultural backgrounds who have chosen to make Fingal home. 

We are actively campaigning to highlight the success of Fingal and reject far-right narratives that stoke fear and hatred.

We use the hashtag #FingalTogether to support that conversation.

Want to stand with us?

  • Join us on any of our social media platforms
  • Help us get our message out to neighbourhoods, workplaces and community groups across Fingal
  • Use our resources to start conversations about the success of Fingal and the danger of far-right hate in our communities
  • Download our leaflets and posters and share them
  • Contact your TDs and Councillors and ask them to act against racism

Come and join the conversation.

Where is Fingal?

Fingal is the North Dublin region, from Mulhuddart to Garristown and Balbriggan to Howth. Fingal has a population of almost 300,000. The name ‘Fingal’ means ‘foreign tribe’, referring to the Scandinavians that settled here and integrated with the Irish, reflected in the Viking longboat in the Fingal crest.